Efe sighed. Nostalgia flooded his consciousness as the commercial bus he had boarded from Osun state sped past a familiar landmark that marked entrance into Lagos state. With every breath he took, memories in still pictures played in his head. He remembered being crowned table soccer champion at 6 in primary school, his face cringed… Continue reading HALF A SIGH


You will be happy this Christmas.  No, it’s not a promise you’re making to making to someone and no, it’s not what your shrink said to you either. It’s what you have to be. No child wants to meet a grumpy “Father Christmas” and Father Christmas is who you will be this year and no,… Continue reading FELIZ NAVIDAD


​It was a busy day in the garage. It was, after all, the festive season when people departed from and arrived in Bauchi to see their loved ones. Being the biggest motor park in the whole of Bauchi, the rowdiness was to be expected.  Ordinarily, the boy would come no close to the garage as… Continue reading AZRAEL


​For a while, I only ever knew him as Mallam. That’s all anyone I know ever called him. “Mallam, Good afternoon”, “Mallam I wan buy sweet”, “Mallam you get battery?”. Nobody ever adresssed him as “Uncle” or “Brother” or “Ibrahim” or even “Musa”, the most common Muslim name the Hausas in my predominantly Yoruba neighbourhood… Continue reading HIS NAME WAS HASSAN


​My mother always says to me in her deep Yoruba accent, “Fola, that thing that you’re looking for, you will find it.” Well, this time, it would seem her words have come to pass. It’s too bad I wasn’t looking for a good thing.                     It… Continue reading HOTEL UTOPIA


​“She deserves better.” The little demon on my left shoulder whispers into my ear. The truth behind those words sinks into my heart and weighs it down. I could swap places with Atlas at this moment and the weight of the whole earth would still not measure up to the immense weight of those words.… Continue reading ORTOMobiles